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Newt and adultery

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It’s pretty impossible for Newt to dodge the hypocrisy charge, for obvious reasons. Still, I heard a bit of his interview, and I must say his position is not completely without merit. He basically makes the case that as a central figure in the US government in the 1990s, he had no choice but to support the investigation (and eventual impeachment on grounds of perjury) of the president.

In short, Newt’s actions may have been despicable toward his wife, but they weren’t illegal. Perjury, after all, is a felony (many would argue that President Clinton’s lies didn’t actually meet the US legal definition of perjury, but, at the very least, his falsehoods under oath surely warranted looking into). Indeed, when you think about it, Newt would have been derelict in his duties as a public official had he allowed his own worries about charges of hypocrisy to influence his official conduct.


Written by Jasper

March 10, 2007 at 10:05 pm

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