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In which Jasper supports the internment of the Japanese

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Just a bit more on the topic of immigration from the Islamic world. My case for limits on Muslim immigration was characterized thusly by one commenter on the Yglesias thread:

But your argument is the kind of thinking that led to the internment of the Japanese during World War II, one of the great shames of our national history.


No, I think my argument is the “kind of thinking” that made us cautious with, say, allowing dedicated Communists to immigrate during the cold war. In other words, totalitarian Islam is a robust, dangerous ideological opponent of the United States. Pretending this is not the case frankly patronizes our enemies. I don’t know as I’d go so far as to characterize the movement like many other do as an existential threat to America. But that’s at least in part because Muslims are much smaller in number here than they are in, say, France or Holland or Israel.

Call me crazy, but I’d just as soon not have our filmmakers slaughtered in the streets, or suicide bombers boarding our buses. Heck, I’m even opposed to the phenomenon of cabdrivers refusing to serve purchasers of fine Napa wines. Again, when the Ummah finally goes through the Enlightenment, we can talk about opening the floodgates.

And yes, I know not all Muslims are radical opponents of the Western way of life. But some of them — and from what I’ve seen it’s an uncomfortably large percentage — most assuredly are. Again, without having a mind reading machine that can carefully screen the innermost thoughts and sentiments of would-be immigrants, it seems to me that a prudent policy would entail — wherever practicable — carefully limiting (but not eliminating) immigration from countries that are associated with robust Islamist movements.

But as for Latin Americans or Asians, on the other hand, I say let ’em come.


Written by Jasper

March 17, 2007 at 10:41 am

Posted in Culture, Policy, Terrorism

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