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Domestic policy, Republican-style

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Matt Yglesias is skeptical of Karl Rove’s view that the Ebay economy will help cement GOP power in the years ahead. Matt writes:

I’d say the fact that it’s now more feasible for people to “run their own business, become a sole proprietor or an entrepreneur” means people are more interested in seeing the development of a policy agenda — federal guarantees of health insurance, elder care, and basic child services — that facilitate that sort of lifestyle.


Technological and economic trends give lots of Americans unparalleled opportunities and freedoms — but they at least seem to be accompanied by greater risk. Today’s Republicans can no more embrace raising taxes than the Democrats can endorse outlawing abortion. Unfortunately for today’s Republicans, even the most innovative, market-friendly and well thought out safety-net enhancements cost money, which is why the GOP is increasingly a no-show in domestic policy debates.


Written by Jasper

June 2, 2007 at 11:40 am

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  1. […] Although I don’t disagree with any of this, and although I’m a committed fan of globalization, I’m skeptical that a government guarantee of health insurance, say, or a dollop of wage replacement insurance for those too old to make the transition into a new career would do all that much to blunt the incentives to upgrade skills. Moreover, I’m increasingly convinced that lack of health/economic security is exerting at least some negative impact on the ability of Americans to fully partake of the so-called “Ebay economy.” […]

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