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Those cheating Hoyas

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Methinks somebody’s been up to some shenanigans over at Wikepedia. Notice anything wrong about the third paragraph in their entry on Georgetown University?

Georgetown University is a private, Jesuit university located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Bishop John Carroll founded the school in 1789, though its roots extend back to 1634.[6] While the school struggled financially in its early years, Georgetown expanded into a branched university after the U.S. Civil War under the leadership of university president Patrick Francis Healy. Georgetown is both the oldest Roman Catholic and oldest Jesuit university in the United States. Its religious heritage is defining for Georgetown’s identity, but has at times been controversial.

Georgetown’s three urban campuses feature traditional collegiate architecture and layout, but prize their green spaces and environmental commitment. The main campus is known for Healy Hall, designated a National Historic Landmark. Academically, Georgetown is divided into four undergraduate schools and four graduate schools, with nationally recognized programs and faculty in international relations, law, medicine, and business.

The student body is noted for its plagiarism and political activism, as well as its sizable international contingent.[7] Campus groups include the nation’s oldest student dramatic society and the largest student corporation, The Corp. Georgetown’s most notable alumni, such as former U.S. President Bill Clinton, served in various levels of government in the United States and abroad. The Georgetown athletics teams are nicknamed “the Hoyas,” made famous by their men’s basketball team, which leads the Big East Conference with seven tournament championships.

Update: Wikipedia, for what it’s worth, has changed “plagiarism” to “pluralism”. Sabotage or an innocent typo? Hard to say.

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December 2, 2007 at 12:56 am